Friday, November 20, 2009

So I've been riding my bike every day but haven't been doing much picture taking. Part of the reason is that my biking has become more utilitarian rather than leisurely. I still ride for fun, but much of my biking time is spent going to and from work, the gym or downtown for errands. I do try and add in some extra miles throughout the day, but I don't seem to have as much time for stopping to take pictures.

I did have a scary experience earlier this week. Not every road has a large shoulder-- in fact many of these country roads have no shoulder at all. I was riding down a road with a small shoulder when a tractor trailer drove by-- this isn't a busy thoroughfare by any means but big trucks and farm equipment travel down it frequently.

Anyway, the trucker didn't see fit to move over even one foot and practically sucked me under the wheels. As it first came alongside, the air pushed me out to the right but as the truck pulled away the air sucked me towards the trailer. I got a first hand experience in drafting! Very scary and also eye-opening in terms of how oblivious some drivers can be about bicyclists.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

16 miles

It was kind of dreary when I went out this morning-- and cold. The sun was trying to break through the clouds, though.

I prefer grey, rainy days myself. Then I can indulge my morose side without having to listen to people constantly tell me to cheer up-- they just chalk my gloominess up to the weather!

These kinds of days make me feel creative. Note I said make me feel creative not actually be creative. Someday, though!

I rode downtown for breakfast and then on to the countryside around Lititz. Nothing particularly exciting happened, no kissing teens sitting in the middle of the road or Amish kids driving buggies while texting on their cell phones, but life around here can't always be that thrilling!

After riding to work in the afternoon my total mileage for the day is 16. Not bad!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hello again!

Here I am! I'm back!

I stopped biking over the summer due to health issues but am finally back on the road. Actually I've been riding practically every day for almost the past six weeks. I hope to update my blog regularly, but it probably won't be daily as it was before.

As you can see above, I got a new bike! It's a Trek Sole Ride 300, a crank-forward (or semi-recumbent) bike. The seat is lower and the pedals are farther forward than on a traditional bike, allowing me to sit on the seat rather than straddle it, making for a MUCH more comfortable ride! The handle bars come farther back, too, so there's not so much straining to keep hold of them-- no more numb hands or arms.

This bike is so easy and fun to ride that I could ride up to twenty miles almost immediately after purchasing it, even though the farthest I ever made it on my hybrid was 12 miles. Currently I'm riding anywhere from three to twenty miles every single day.

The bike is kind of heavy, though, and I wish I had been more patient when looking for a semi-recumbent. There are lighter models available-- although they're not lighter on your pocketbook. Still, as soon as I took this one for a test spin I didn't want to look any further. I was completely won over by how comfortable it is!

Here's a picture from a recent ride; this was just at the top of a big downhill segment:

See you soon!